Internet Banking

Due to a system upgrade, Internet Banking and Phone Banking will be unavailable on Sunday, 3rd August 2014 from 02:30am to 03:30am AEST


Dear Members,

There has been an increase in Internet Fraud of late. In all cases the PC being used was infected with a Trojan virus, including internet cafe/library or unsecured terminals. While the Credit Union’s internet banking system itself is safe and has not been compromised, the frauds have occurred when a PC is infected.

For your own protection, Members are urged not to conduct internet banking from these locations, and to keep your home computer updated with the latest Internet Security software.

Fraudsters have been known to set up copies of banking sites with the purpose of capturing personal security details. They send out an email that instructs the recipient to.disclose personal security details such as your PIN, Internet Banking Passwords and EFT Card details or require you to click on links or attachments within the email to update or verify details.

If it is possible that your internet banking details and/or EFT Card details may have been compromised – we advise you to immediately change ALL Online passwords, and immediately telephone Sutherland Credit Union on 1300 784 388 during business hours or email after-hours. For lost, stolen or compromised EFT Cards phone 1800 648 027 (24 hours).

To safeguard your personal information, we have adopted the following communication practices:

We do not and will never ask for your personal security details.

We will never require you to click on links or attachments within an email to update or verify your personal security details.

We will never request that your Internet Banking password; PIN, EFT Card details be communicated to us in any form.

How do I report suspected fraud on my card?